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/kəˈmjuːnɪti/ • NOUN


we are a community

of students.
of entrepreneurs.

for you.


everyone should (have the chance to) learn about entrepreneurship…

so we organize events to inspire, educate, and provide a platform on which to connect with like-minded students.


the spotlight is yours


The largest reoccurring pitch night in Amsterdam!

We give students or recent graduates a stage and an audience (of 150+!) to pitch their idea or startup. Get noticed, network, polish your skills, etc.


Experts provide an immersive insight into their field or a given topic.

Past masterclasses include: crowdfunding, blockchain and crypto currencies, venture capital strategy, how to scale startups, branding, and more. 

learn from the best.



the biggest issues aren’t one sided.

common ground

Common Ground brings together experts with different backgrounds and opinions for an interactive panel discussion on topics relevant to entrepreneurship and today's society. 

Past events have touched upon women in entrepreneurship & AI and the future of work.


Join us to visit the most interesting and fast growing startups in Amsterdam- meet the team, crack a business case, network, have a beer, and see what it’s like on the inside.

Past crawls include: Picnic, Swapfiets, Uber, Tikkie, BrainCreators, Feedback Fruits, Shleep & Nimbles.


get the inside scoop.

startup crawl