daan van der wal

daan van der wal



I do/study… Co-Founder of MotoShare with a background in Business Innovation.

At ASIF Ventures I…am working on a new concept which we want to test in the startup community of Amsterdam. Currently it's hard for young entrepreneurs to get valuable and individual feedback on their business models or challenges which they phase. By forming a consultancy group of a bit more experienced young entrepreneurs we want to close that gap.

I consider myself successful with ASIF Ventures when… we were able to create a consultancy group of young entrepreneurs in Amsterdam willing to advise entrepreneurial students or early stage startups, hopefully to a phase ready for VC investment.

My favorite startup is… I'm more inspired by the founders or a team of a startup instead of the concept itself. A team creates the companies values that can inspire people. Especially entrepreneurs capable of creating new concepts in different industries (Adriaan Mol) are in my opinion very inspiring.

My guilty pleasure song is… Modern Talking: Brother Louie (here). Basically every song from this 80/90's band is so bad (lyrics, band, videoclips, etc.) that it becomes super funny and likable. This song is their best.

The one-line I use the most is… treat every case as a unique one.

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